Modern orthopaedics has needed to adjust  to the increasing demands of the population by developing new, more effective methods of clinical diagnostics and conservative / nonsurgical treatments,  but most of all, surgical treatments of bones, joints, muscle, conjunctions and ligament diseases. The development of new, less invasive, diagnostic-therapeutic methods has  increased the range of orthopaedic patient treatments. This has created the need of subspecialisation studies in the individual areas of orthopaedics.

In MD medicina, we provide such medical examinations in sports injuries, degenerative and other diseases of the musculoskeletal system, with the emphasis on quick diagnostics in order to determine a correct diagnosis and to give a patient the proper advice, and/or to apply conservative or surgical treatment.

Our orthopaedic specialists are highly qualified subspecialists in sports orthopaedics, spine surgery, foot surgery, joint arthroplasty,  paediatric orthopaedics and tumour orthopaedics.