Anaesthesia is conducted by the specialist and a nurse specialized in anaesthesiology.

A patient meets the specialist prior to their procedure, when the patient gives information on his/her general medical condition, previous or current diseases, allergies and regular therapies. The patient is instructed on the preparation for anaesthesia (in respect of taking his/her regular therapies before and during the procedure). Before surgery,  patients are advised as to their options and to the relative merits of different forms of anaesthesia and shall give consent to the most effective and safest anaesthesia based on their expectations.

On the day of planned surgery, the patient is admitted by the specialist and the nurse in anaesthesiology who prepare him/her for surgery, carry out anaesthesia and control his/her health condition during the procedure. The anaesthesiologist  is also responsible for delivering effective pain management and relief to the patient post surgery.  Pain relief is via the IV route as a rule.