Mission and Vision

Our Board of Management consists primarily of a group of medical doctors who have the same mission in their lives today as when they first began the study of medicine: empathy and helping those in need. Thus, our vision may slightly differ from other medical centres.

Our goal is to provide top quality medical care to all our patients. We  have built a team of highly qualified doctors whose main motivation has been to provide a safe, comfortable and  friendly stay in our Centre, always bearing in mind that health is the most important value of any human being and as such should be treated responsibly and with respect.

In MD medicina, individual specialists have been diagnosing and treating patients for many years. Having moved to a new location, we have extended our services to offer a range of surgical treatments and family health care services. Our state-of-the-art furnished operating rooms make it possible to perform surgeries not only by orthopaedic surgeons, but also by plastic and aesthetic surgeons, urologists, otorhinolaryngologists and others. We provide outpatient treatments in cardiology, gynaecology, urology, general medical care, paediatrics, thyroidology and ultra-sound diagnostics. The clinic provides a safe and comfortable environment from initial diagnosis to completion of treatment.

We understand that early diagnosis and treatment are the key to obtaining the best outcomes for our patients. With this in mind we aim to provide a seamless service from initial diagnosis to completion of therapy.

MD Medicina Ljubljana 2016

MD medicina, Ljubljana 2016